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M Y C O   M E T A M O R P H IC

This collection is the result of two years of practice-based research into the cultivation of fungi and fungal-based materials as a medium for art and design.


Fungi are one of the most diverse organisms on the planet. Encompassing more than 2.2 million different species they are present in almost all aspects of life. From food and antibiotic production to fermentation and biofuel creation, fungi perform essential functions helping to sustain life and decompose matter.


The kingdom of fungi is surfacing with renewed attention within art and design making visible the timely discourse with environmental resource utilization and sustainable ideologies. Designers are currently asking how mushrooms and fungi in all stages of development can be cultivated and applied as materials for design.


'Myco Metamorphic' highlights three fungi showcasing their distinct textural qualities and possible design applications. The diverse and engaging expressions these materials possess is an invitation to look at fungi more closely inspiring curiosity, possibility,  and respect.


This body of work was featured as a commissioned instillation for The Lab Gallery at the Visual Arts Exchange (July 2018). The exhibition includes photography showcasing specimens from the Larry F. Grand Fungal Herbarium, living mycelium growing chambers, microscopic, digital prints on silk, and displays showcasing fungal-based materials to touch.  

Credits:       Exhibition / Cecilia Mouat, James Naquin, Carson Efird

                    Mycological Support / Dr. Marc Cubeta, Dr. Van Cotter, Dr. Khalid Hameed

                    Microscope and Photography / Kate Hanser, Bryan Cody, Mackenzie Bullard, David Knight 

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