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Raw Materials is an instillation created for Elsewhere Museum during Artist in Residence #106.  


This installation piece translates Elsewhere's artifacts into new materials for art-making.  Brick, scrap wood, and rotting cotton fabric become the sites for material transformation. The brick is pulverized into a source for pigment, the wood is charred into drawing charcoal, and cotton rag is beaten into pulp for paper making.


Throughout Elsewhere’s 58-year history, its expression has evolved and shifted with the economy and needs of the community. From an army surplus, to a furniture reupholstery, and eventually a thrift store, and its current iteration as a living museum and artist residency program."Raw Materials" mirrors that flow, translating Elsewhere’s artifacts into new art-making supplies for its current iteration.


The installation includes a series of prints and laser etchings that capture the rich and varied surfaces of the Museum. The prints are made with the artist made charcoal and pigments and document some of the intangible and less-noticed textual and world of Elsewhere.  

Nicole was a recipient of the Southern Constellations Fellowship Grant (2020).

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