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O L D   W O R K   N E W   W O R K 

'Old work New work' reimagines selvage denim scraps using modern technology and traditional craft.

Landfills receive over 10 million tons of textile waste in the US each year. Traditional practices of textile reuse are declining; a very small percentage of discarded soft goods are salvaged for mending, resale or remanufacture.


'Old work New work' reexamines textile scrap and excess as an alternative source of raw materials for design. Using locally sourced denim waste from the Raleigh Denim Workshop and dead-stock cotton warp yarn from Cotton Incorporated, the piece uses handwoven, laser cut denim creating a textile at the intersection of craft, technology and environmentally conscious design. New colors, patterns, and textures emerge during the creation process materializing both a functional textile and replicable reuse practice. 


'Old work New work' was featured in the 2018 Exhibit Soft Goods at the Visual Arts Exchange Main Gallery. 

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