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O V E R S H O T 

'Overshot' is a contemporary investigation of craft and place through the lens of the handwoven, Colonial North American Coverlet.

A coverlet is a woven cloth traditionally used as bed covering. A popular textile in colonial North America (c.1607-1775), these artifacts surpassed utility expressing hand-made ingenuity, class status, agricultural practices, technological advancement, regional identity and even political beliefs.


'Overshot' borrows its structure from a classic cannon of coverlet patterns and updates its expression through a subtle increase in the scale of the yarn emphasizing graphic, optical qualities. More than a portrait of a historic practice, this collection of images and artifacts showcases the rigorous beauty of hand woven textiles and draws unexpected links from the past into the present.


'Overshot' was featured in two exhibitions curated by Susan Falls and Jessica Smith entitled, Fold Unfold at the Lyndon House Arts Center and the Wellington B. Gray Art Gallery, and is the featured image in Selvedge Magazine’s July, 2018 issue.

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