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S T A I N E D 

'Stained' is a multi-sensory instillation exploring natural and plant-based sources of color with an interactive, contemporary lens. 

Before the industrial revolution in the 1850's dyes and pigments from natural sources were used to color textiles, wood, leather and other materials and artifacts. 'Stained' revives the many uses dye plants and flowers possess in an immerse environment of touch, taste, sound, sight and smell. From food to perfume, textile dye and artwork, this event and instillation creates an embodied space for the sensorial exploration of natural sources of color. With 'Stained,' Asselin offers a vibrantly curated menu with each offering featuring local ingredients that also double as natural dyestuffs. 

This instillation was sponsored by and produced in support of the Textile Arts Center. 'Stained' was featured in Edible Brooklyn and Ecouterre.

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